The Flight of Leonardo

Let your imagination soar with Leonardo Da Vinci and the art of shadow puppetry.  Incindeo the dragon and friends take you on a funny and inspiring adventure through Leonardo’s Da Vinci’s life. Travel from the vineyards of Tuscany, through Leonardo’s apprenticeship in Renaissance Florence, and into his fascinating work as a multifaceted genius of science, engineering and art.

Upcoming Performance:
Nov 10, 2018 @ 3:30 Peachtree Library in Midtown


Exploring Puppetry and Stories from Asia

Hanu MrDamon Shadow Puppet IMG_1585
Enjoy a highly entertaining demonstration of music, heroic stories, and puppetry traditions of Asia.  Our journey which begins with cave paintings of mammoths coming to life on the shadow screen.   This program features audience participation, masks, and string puppets from India, and the brilliant shadow puppet traditions of China and Indonesia.

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 Hanuman 2 IMG_1577


Fairy Tales of Old Russia

Journey with PRINCE IVAN on the back of a grey wolf in search of the dazzling FIREBIRD.    Quest with VASILISA THE BRAVE in search of the chicken legged hut of the BABA YAGA.     Mr.Damon invites young artists from the audience to become a part of the stories and features original live music.

Vasilisa the Brave will need some help from her feathered friends on her journey.  Bring your Russian Bullfinch shadow puppet bird to a library performance and join the show!

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Captain Mr. Damon leads an adventure in Science!  Explore the properties of optics and light and learn about famous light scientists of Earth History.

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The Hero’s Journey through Shadow Puppetry
Cross the threshold into adventure!  Experience the journeys of literary Heroes and Heroines, vividly brought to life through the art of Shadow Puppetry. This program features the stories of Hercules and the hidden origins of the Olympic Games!  Journey with Atalanta of the forest who became the fastest runner in Ancient Greece!  Engaging, participatory shadow puppet theater and live music with Mr. Damon.

Activity sheets: the Hero’s Journey, and Boar
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